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Robertson’s Fresh Pork Sausage

Robertson’s Fresh Pork Sausage

is only for sale in our store and unfortunately can’t be shipped. It’s too bad because our fresh pork sausage is one of my favorite things we make. If you live close enough to our store that you can pick up a stick of our sausage let me show you my favorite way to prepare it. 

To start, you will need a knife with broad serrations, a cutting board, some spray Pam, and a skillet with a lid. 

The easiest way to slice your patties is to slice it right through the packaging.

Spray a little Pam in the pan.  Then separate the patties and place into the cold pan.  At this point you will just have to trust me, pour a cup of hot tap water into the pan.

Cover and place pan on the burner and and turn on High heat.  You will cook this way until all the water has boiled away. (approx. 15 minutes)

As soon as the last of the water has boiled off turn the heat to low and slowly brown both sides of the sausage for a total time of approx. 15 minutes.

This sausage is all my kids favorite sausage.  Definitely worth a try.